23 July 2013

Our Place

There's a new two week old calf at Owen's work...

Sadly he wouldn't go near us. But the bull did.

*I'll get back to baking soon. I'm enjoying my break.


Unknown said...

beautiful images x
I am a little scared of cows haha

Hootnz said...

ooooh yes calving season again! Mike wants to get more bobby calfs...my only stipulation is he does it this time :P

Also I'm on the market for a new camera - my last one fell of the bookcase and the movie camera just doesn't cut it at the moment.
What DLSR do you use?

Johnny said...

Haha Lisa, so am I a teeny bit. I'm glad for electric fences!

Johnny said...

Laura I've got a Canon 450DSLR - a bit old but really trusty and I love it. My next one will be a 7D as I need an upgrade for my work. If you want to go for a DSLR a good entry level one is the 100D as its the lightest and most compact and has HD movie recording. They sell for $1399 with the twin lens kit at Noel Leeming. It's a nifty camera that gives you all the DSLR options but all these neat stuff like on camer cropping.

Simoney said...

AMAZING photos Mon!
Did you see my offer to sponsor you to Blog Camp??