07 December 2015


So. If there is anyone out there still reading my little old, truly deeply neglected blog then you'll probably be surprised to see I've posted for the first time in...gosh nearly 2 years!!

I know I said I was giving this up...but I think my mojo is back. Maybe. 

Life has taken over. I got a job managing a cafe two years ago and two weeks in I was buying packet chips and BISCUITS for the kids. I'd not bought biscuits since I had Katie...they were always homemade. Now I laugh at allll the tiiiime I had on my hands. Being a working mum for the first time in forever has come with its ups and downs and being so busy left little time to blog, take photographs or bake. If I had quiet times they were spent catching up on washing, sleep, paying bills, having a coffee with a friend. Blogging was bottom of my to do list.

I'm still working and that's not even slowing down. I'm managing a team of awesome people though and with a move to a new place closer to work (literally AT work) it's allowing me some more freedoms of my time.

It also helps that I have a new kitchen to inspire me!

We purchased our first home recently and had a brand new build which has been the most exciting and scary thing we've ever done!

It means too I could have the kitchen I really dreamed of!

Life isn't perfect but this year has been amazing. We've had challenges beyond belief. I've spent most of it without a husband as Owen got a contract to supervise growing in a new golf course in Auckland, so he has been coming down on weekends only. I've had amazing help from the best friend in the whole entire world who gave up her plans to come and wrangle the kids for me, be my cheerleader and sounding board and keep me sane. I'll be forever grateful to this wonderful wonderful woman...who has now moved on to her next adventure and to be with her family down country.

I've had the last of all my surgeries and treatments in the last year...my 5 year post cancer diagnosis mark came and went with no major dramas (just a very annoying gall bladder needing removal) and I feel so gooood, so grateful for life!

So I kinda thought now's a good time to make a quiet comeback to Delissimon. But let's not make any long term commitments yeah?


Miriam said...

Mon, I was just thinking of you this morning - you popped into my head and I was hoping you were well. Sounds like life is busy but if anyone should have a brand new kitchen it should be a true baker and kitchen lover. x

Johnny said...

Thanks Miriam! It's soooo strange to be back at my old "home" again. I honestly haven't posted anything for so long I've had to refamiliarise myself with blogger again! Haha!

jacksta said...

so glad you are well and living life so abundantly xx

Heather said...

Oh wow ! I too gave not blogged since March 2013 !!! Funny how life gets in the way of blogging , I remember first seeing your blog via the Daring Baker and worked out that you lived nearby when you were in Auckland and had been on NZ Hottest Home Baker. Also I had joined the FB young Survivors page you started - as an old survivor !
So pleased you are well and things are going so well for you and your family. Running a cafe must be a dream come true - you are so talented.
That Christmas cake looks fab too !
Heather - Apron Addict