25 October 2011

Kiwi Valley Farm

On the first proper sunny day of the holidays we headed out with friends to Kiwi Valley Farm in Henderson Valley.

In true kid style all the kids pretended they owned horsies and took rides on tractors every day. They fed lambs, goats, chickens, llamas, ostriches (rather gingerly...those beaks!), cows, donkeys. There's rabbits, rats, mice, possums, pigs, piglets, birds and a rather big bull. Yeah being a farmer is fun...until it gets a bit stinky or a bit noisy. And hot. Then they were quite happy to hop back in the car and head off again.

But this place is great for kids, there's plenty to do! Tractor rides, farm bike rides, mazes with secret fairy caves, noisy silly donkeys and most of all horse and pony rides. HEAVEN for little girls and boys (and big ones too). Spring is an ideal time to come as the weather is not too hot, and of course the lambs are all being born. We were allowed to pat a wee lamb that was only 4 days old!

When we first turned up we thought it was quite small, but its deceiving and after the kids have been on the tractor ride, taken a farm walk, run around the maze, had a drink, slurped an ice block and you've ordered a much needed (and very hot!) coffee from the very good cafe then time has raced by. It's a great place to take kids and give them a taste of country life. There's also a really cool shed to hire for parties.

Johnny's first horse ride!

I'm not sure about the characters in the maze though...this one even made me scream.

Johnny made a friend. While he still had food in his hand.

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Erica said...

Love this blog, its lovely to hear what our customers really think about Kiwi Valley - family owned and operated so we really do appreciate it :)

Erica and Ezra - managing directors / farmers