07 June 2013

Afghan Cookies

Here's another Edmonds favourite recipe in our house. Afghans.
Easy, crunchy, yummy.

I use the Edmonds recipe as a base for mine but I have a few little adaptations of my own. Using the dark muscovado sugar adds a whole depth of delicious flavour but you can just use white sugar in this as the original recipe does. I also use weetbix instead of the two cups of cornflakes as the crunch with weetbix lasts longer than cornflakes and it's easier to mix. And I just like it better.

Here's the recipe:

200g butter
1/2 cup Billingtons dark muscovado sugar
1 1/4 plain flour
1/4 cup cocoa
3 weetbix, crushed
handful of chocolate buttons
handful of almonds

Cream the butter and sugar until really light and fluffy.
Add sifted flour & cocoa and stir into the creamed mixture. Add in the weetbix and beat until all well combined.

Using a teaspoon or a cookie scoop roll balls of mixture onto a lined baking tray and flatten slightly.
Bake for 15 minutes at 180 deg C.

Afterwards melt the chocolate buttons and spoon on then pop an almond on the top.
Alternatively you could just firmly squish the button on the uncooked mixture and bake it in. I've been known to use squares of delicious Cadbury milk chocolate when buttons and almonds have been in short supply!

This comes in a category of an easy morning tea knock up, or quick lunch box add on as the recipe does not take very long to prepare or bake.

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