17 October 2013

I haven't forgotten you!!....

As if this year hasn't already been crazy and eventful, I have some more amazing changes coming up in my life.

Firstly though I have had to give up being The Little Big Markets photographer before I had begun which was a real bummer, as I was really looking forward to that. But I won't be able to afford the time as I'm now part of an awesome cafe and so excited to bring some new life, colour and flavour to a fantastic community.
So, watch this space and if you are ever heading to the Bay of Plenty, stop in at Cafe Nineteen at Fairview Golf Course in Katikati and come and see us!!

I'll still be posting lots here with recipes and photos...but only once I get my head around finding where everything is in the new work environment!


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Facing Cancer Together said...

Congrats and 'YAY' for all the good happening in your life :)~Catherine