18 October 2018

New Directions

If you've stumbled onto this blog then welcome. Or welcome back to all those who have long given up wondering if I'll ever post again. Or hi to those who don't care and accidentally found yourself here.

I confess I'm not a huge reader of blogs in these days of Instagram and Instagram stories and the interaction that Facebook and Insta allows. In my time pressed life I'd much rather see my friends, family and fellow bloggers lives in quick picture snippets or in real life itself I suppose...but then again I love writing and I've missed writing.

So here's me dipping my little toe back into my blog and seeing how cold it is.

Delissimon has kinda been reborn these last few months. My new focus is less work and stress and more following my passion which is making food and things look pretty and pretty cool. Out of this I've relaunched with www.delissimon.co.nz. This is the culmination of years and years of working on my blog (I started it in 2008!), fiddling and challenging myself with photography and perfecting recipes. A culmination of the last 5 years where I've learned so much about managing in the hospitality industry and the likes and dislikes of that role.
I've had some major highs and some major lows. In fact, the major lows are why I've re-looked at my whole life and decided some changes need to happen. And the fact that working for myself is the best way forward to control my life and work balance. 4 years of working through Christmas and New Years and missing important family time left me feeling guilty and like I was missing some vital time with my family.

So I gave up my full time job thinking that would fix everything.
But it didn't.
In fact everything fell apart after that. And sometimes to know where you are going things have to be broken down completely in order to be put back together.

So Delissimon (as well as myself) is being put back together and I'm excited to see where this leads. And please go check out my new website!

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