25 March 2013

Chile Parte Uno: Santiago

John Key in da house!

Chile is a land of contrasts.
In the hot city of Santiago you look up and see the snow capped Andes mountains peering down on the city. There is a lot of graffiti (even on 400 year old fountains in the middle of the desert.)
It's a modern city but has a useless sewerage treatment systems, requiring people to not flush their toilet paper away (eww).
There are a lot of HUGE malls, some amazing shopping to be had if you want to (and what woman doesn't want to?!). There are also a lot of parks in each suburb. Some are set up with umbrellas and chairs for you to relax in while the kids play in the massively well organised playgrounds. 
Smog is throughout the city, but once up in the north it is one of the most pristine clear airs you will ever find. Seeing the stars at night is breathtaking.
Dry climate, warm people.
They like to sleep late, drink and eat well and laugh late into the night.
They REALLY like their meat.
I ate the best sausages I've ever eaten while there. I'm very sad I couldn't bring them home with me.
They love hosting, being a perfect host is of utmost importance.
Sarcasm is wasted on them.
Chileans smoke. A lot.
The red wine is GORGEOUS, white...not so much.

Our first night was spent meeting our new family over empanadas and red wine. They are such cool people. And we got to have baby cuddles.

The night before the wedding, while my delicious sister in law to be ran around like a headless chicken making sure all her jobs for the wedding were done before escaping to her hotel room for a good night's sleep, us Farrells were sucking back the red wine and dancing up a storm. It was so good to be together.

There are hundreds more photos to come, these are just the beginning. I'm in the middle of processing the wedding photos, our AMAZING trip to the desert and the seaside.

This holiday was so amazing, meeting such wonderful people and having precious family time that we'll never forget. I'm so proud to share these moments with you all.

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jjs said...

I am in love with that light fixture

PaisleyJade said...

Love your pics!!

Facing Cancer Together said...

Sounds like such an adventure. What a beautiful description (and so full of contrasts, as you say) of the country. ~Catherine