11 February 2014

Summer Lovin'

Life’s a little tricky right now. 
Oh let’s be honest when isn't it tricky?

Sometimes nothing is more satisfying than grabbing my camera and the little folk and heading outside to the orchard for a ramble in the evening light. Watching them interact like friends, fight like bitter enemies and laugh like conspirators all in the space of 5 minutes.

These are the simple pleasures that I grasp onto when life becomes hard, complicated and somewhat scary. I'm in my 30’s and I still hate having to make serious adult decisions. Lately I've been doing too much of that and getting lost inside my own head. I've had enough of making life complicated…wasn't that why we moved away from Auckland?

I can’t explain more here, and to be honest I've been through worse, but somehow it’s easy to forget that and be consumed with the NOW of everything isn't it?

In the meantime, these crazy, noisy and precious little people fill the joy that life sometimes tries to steal.

And chocolate helps too.


Leonie said...

Hugs gorgeous lady. Your photos are stunning!

Hootnz said...

Big hugs coming your way ((((hugs))))
Things are hard here too and I'm trying to grasp on to the small things like you :) Sometimes you just have to have something when everything else seems to be falling apart xxx

Leonie said...

Awesome photo's :) Hope things settle and sort themselves out for you soon - hopefully these little things carry you through :)

jjs said...

As we both know, life is always an uphill battle with hopefully as soft place to land at the top of each hill. If the landing is hard you need to find your soft place to land, whether it is the hugs of your children or a good bottle of wine. Taking inventory of the good things in your life will always win over the bad and when you sigh and realize your life has happiness and love from those with you and around you, you will feel truly blessed. Never forget you are a survivor and strong.