09 September 2009

Egg croustade with feta and sundried tomato

This is the first savoury dish I've done on this blog, must be all that sugar overload that's made me crave a lot of savoury lately. Last time I craved this much savoury food I was pregnant. And that, dear readers, is NOT the case this time.

Anyway. Here's tonight's experiment. Kumara sourdough from that wonderful bread shop Wild Wheat, with a bit of deliciously creamy goats feta from Kapiti Cheeses and an egg added to the middle. The recipe called for watercress but I used sundried tomatoes as a topping. Topped off with a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and salt and pepper and my favourite ingredient to anything - smoked paprika, all added to a dash of cream and spooned on the top.

Before going in the oven:

And after (bad lighting and terrible pic sorry):

Fed this to Owen who pronounced it "pleasantly surprising". This from a guy who thinks that if he eats a non meaty dish he might just shrivel up into an anemic old man and die. I think his greatest fear is that I will become a vegetarian.
I should note however he followed it up with a large plate of spaghetti bolognese.

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