09 October 2010

Angel Food Cake

I made this for dad's birthday as well as the macarons. Mostly because it went so easy for me last time I made it and I wanted to know what it tasted like and since then I've bought myself my own angel food tin. Also because it's supposed to be low in calories and feeds lots of people.
Admittedly it is a huge cake and most people's reaction at having a large piece looming towards them was apprehension (except me cos I love cake!), but angel food cake is so light and almost pavlova like it almost melts in the mouth. It is quite sweet, and I suspect raspberries would go much better than strawberries but I couldn't resist the first batch of the season.
We even had our first BBQ of the season too.

If you are interested in the recipe click here for my previous post on this. The cake above I added 2 tablespoons cocoa to the flour mixture to get the darker colour and a chocolately taste.

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Renata said...

Absolutely divine!!!