03 October 2010

Dove Pink Star Walk

Last night myself, Madeline, my parents and some of my incredible girlfriends, including my sister in law took to the Domain and strode around with thousands of other people - all dressed in pink. This was an event to raise money for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and it was so much fun!
A great event, which is really well organised. Its a great way to support the cause, afterall October is breast cancer awareness month, and never before has this been more important to me.

Thank you to my lovely mates and family for coming and making this a special night (especially my dad who was reluctant to wear any pink. Lucky for him he didn't stand out). I love you all to bits!

Everyone getting ready

Ruth and her gorgeous wings
A lady with a cool wig and an interesting crochet dress...
Start line
We're off!

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Sammy said...

What an amazing group and friends and family you have! You are truly blessed. Hope that you have a good week, lots of R&R :-)