27 April 2010

10 Days after Surgery

Today I had my last drain out. Freedom!!!!!
This gives me so much more movement - I had a bad habit of forgetting them and getting up and then they'd fall off the bed/couch and pull.
OWW that hurts.

I would have included a picture to give you an idea of the grossness of tubes coming out of me, but that would be mean. Even I had problems seeing them.

So with those out I can probably finally wear a bra and use my special friend here;

a nice soft boobie. 

When my scars are more healed I can go and get a proper prosthetic breast and a couple of bras, thanks to the Government they contribute $600 towards these. I also got my wig form today so now I can go hair shopping. Sounds like fun. I plan to take a whole entourage of people just for kicks. I can work it.

Tomorrow I have my post surgery meeting with my surgeon. He will tell us the info on the cancer as it would have all been to the pathologists by now and tested. Then on Thursday we're meeting with the oncologist from Auckland Hospital to find out the course of treatment I'm having.
It's all moving ahead so quick. 
Which is good.


Kiwicakes said...

Make sure your entourage stops along the way, shouting cupcakes at cafes, alternating with champagne at bars. YOU deserve it!. Are you planning on going blonde, purple? or brunette?, or something entirely different? Nioce to know the government chips in to help. Our taxes aren't wasted afterall.

charhope said...

hey mon, wow you are v brave and so amazing. love from jamie & char x x

Johnny said...

Sandra I never thought of that. I like the idea. Madeline is convinced I'm getting my wig from Ike's Emporium in Devo. At $9.95 per wig I could really stock up hey? I'd like to think I'll go for another colour and style...maybe a red head!