03 April 2010

3 days in....

and its been the easiest so far. If it can be easy.

Spending yesterday and today with Owen and the kids has been the best thing. I've kinda lived in a little bubble and just keep putting the impending out of my mind as best as possible.
The support from Owen is incredible. Hugs, kisses, baths, endless cups of tea, massages (no not like that.. :) ) and just anything to take my mind off the CT scan on Tuesday. I can almost forget sometimes that our life has taken a crazy turn. Then I catch myself in the mirror looking at my reflection and realise that I'm going to be different. Forever changed. I'm losing a piece of me, and eventually I'm going to lose my hair. Then the panic rises in my throat and I push it away by trying to focus on what we are doing right now. 
Which DVD shall we watch kids? 
Who wants to go for a walk? 
Must keep busy....

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