29 April 2010


Wednesday afternoon we met with my surgeon and got the histology on the cancer.

Turns out I had 5 (!) tumors inside my breast, with the largest measuring in at 55mm! To put it in comparison that's larger than a golf ball. Scarily it means that the time between my ultrasound, which only picked up 2 lumps, to my surgery 3 more tumors had developed. And that was only 3 weeks.
This makes the cancer a grade 3, and with 4 lymph nodes out of 19 affected by the cancer this has definitely put me in the category of needing radiation treatment. This is needed because chemotherapy works well where there is a blood supply but with scar tissue etc in the way from surgery the best option is to have radiation to the chest wall and armpit area.

I am also HER2 positive which means I will receive a years treatment of Herceptin. Never have I been more grateful for those women who marched to Wellington and demanded the funding from the government, and to John Key who listened, else I would be wondering how to raise $100,000 to get the full year treatment.
If you are interested in what this means, watch this video.

I am to receive 18 weeks treatment of chemotherapy, starting in roughly 2 to 3 weeks time. This is fast as I already received my portacath, as well as my scars healing well. 
And its also because we are going for a cure and I'm at the top of the list of priorities 
(or at least that's what my mum says!).

Bring it on!


Kiwicakes said...

Hi Mon. I am so over the moon you are receiving your herceptin for free. Several years ago, an Auckland based cake maker was hugley involved in fundraising for $93,000 for her friend in just the same position you're in now. The task was mammoth. To know you won't have to go through that is just awesome!

Johnny said...

So am I. I can't imagine the anguish of having not only this diagnosis but the stress of stumping up the money.

Monique said...

Wow - It is truly scary how fast cancer develops! I know I'm reading these all so late, and therefore hope my comments aren't ridiculous. You are amazing!