30 November 2010

Finishing treatment Fiesta!

This weekend we celebrated...Mexican Style! It was so much fun, thank you to everyone who came to help us finish off a hard year in style.

There have been so many people we are so indebted to and it was great to have a way to thank everyone all at once. Obviously not everyone could make it, but we had a drink and a toast to you. Especially to the wonderful staff at Auckland Hospital (mum and Amanda represented you!).

Complete with a boobie pinata, tequila jelly shots and margarita cupcakes the evening was a great success! And hopefully we will never have to celebrate finishing chemo and radiation ever again.

Mexican paper flowers
Boobie pinata


jacksta said...

yay ! What a cool party. Congrats on the end of your treatment! You are an inspiration. I hope for you it will be the last!

Monique said...

Congratulations! I've had a wee journey reading through your posts this morning. I appreciate you sharing your story and the personal stuff. In one of your posts you mentioned wanting to 'talk' to someone. Here is the blog of a friend's brother http://howthelightgetsin.net/. I know its totally different, and you're probably way past this now too. I wish you a great Christmas and New Year, and pray God blesses you immensley!