20 November 2010

Lovely Blog Award

Thanks Renata from Testado Provado e Aprovado! for granting my blog this award, what a sweetie!

In order to receive this award I must pass it on to 15 other blogs, which is easier said than done!
So in no particular order these are my favourite lovely blogs that I read regularly!

Bobby Robin
Bake in Paris
Bella Cupcakes
Cannelle et Vanille
growing up
Little Gumnut
Heaven Espresso
Sprinkle Bakes
Munchkin Munchies
My Guide to Surviving and Enjoying Life's Mundane
The Cupcake Gallery
The Food Librarian

All the talent and humour that is poured into these blogs make them such an enjoyable read.

1 comment:

Widge said...

Thanks Mon!!

Enjoy spying on your talent also :)....and wishing I had your future cookbook in my hands to share as chrissy presents this year!! seriously I was randomly thinking about it yesterday as I lazed in the sun. You neeeeeeeeeed to make one

have a ridiculously fab christmas xo