08 March 2010


I haven't been doing delissilinks for a while. It's about time I gave you another links round up hey?.

Here's something that made me chuckle from Cake Wrecks. And also gave me a Spice Girls song in my head all day.

Its competition month. If you are into cake decorating yourself how about entering this competition by Kiwicakes and be in to win $500 worth of cake decorating equipment? All you need to do is design a cake for their 4th birthday. If you win the goodie box you also get to make the cake! Sounds cool to me! Entries close 31st March.

St Patricks Day next Wednesday, why not try your hand at some cookies like these? How cute?
From the Decorated Cookie. Complete with instructions on how to make your own.

Want a tutorial for a cute cake cupcake topper like this? Click here.

And lastly, some funnies. Not really cake or food related but I laughed. Whether you share my same sad humour, who knows?

This is just a little bit of awesome. I'm not the biggest David Caruso fan but, hello cool family?

And something I'm sure your granddad might like?

And this one is for my brother. Well both of them actually:

Source eatliver.com

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