12 March 2010

Friendly Reminder

Hello all,

Hopefully this will go through, but my internet is playing up this week and is not connecting very well. Amazingly when I rang Vodafone help line I got through on the first ring. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE, so I celebrated with a cupcake.
If anyone remembers my dramas with them last year when they "lost" our second phone line OR if you have had any experience waiting on hold for Vodafone then you would celebrate with a cupcake too.

Sooo anyway this is short and sweet....

Blue Cupcake Competition...entries close Sunday night. I want to see your beautiful creation of a cupcake decorated blue and emailed to delissimon@vodafone.co.nz and you can win an awesome prize of an original handmade pair of earrings by cuteandsweet. Amy has sent me 3 different styles to choose from so you even get to take your pick!! Yaay!

Enjoy your weekend everybody!


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